Join us for some of the finest waterfowl shooting available. Shoot Spurwing geese, Egyptian geese, Yellow billed duck and many more. If you prefer to shoot game birds, join us for our exciting hunts of game birds. Shoot Guineafowl, Francolin, Grouse and Quail in the picturesque environment of
The shooting season runs from May to the end of July for most of the birds in most of the Provinces. Exceptions to the rule will be communicated with you upon booking.

Parties are limited to a maximum of eight and a minimum of four guns. Hunter’s families are welcome to observe and enjoy the adventure with the hunters.

Bring waders and plenty of warm clothes for hunting waterfowl. Our winters are harsh.

We drive in style on the farm but hunt on foot.

Enjoy the excitement of pigeon shooting with your friends. Join us and shoot as many pigeons on a Saturday as possible.

We also present shooting days during the week.

These pigeons cause considerable damage to the sunflower crops and must be thinned out.